Chora Serifos
Chora is the capital of Serifos, and is located on a hill, 5 km up from Livadi port. It is a very picturesque settlement due to this location, which guarantees a great view of the country side and the Aegean Sea. Chora is ideal for those who like going for a stroll or exploring. Walking up along its narrow paths, with its archways and close houses, the top of the capital can be reached, where some of the greatest views on the island can be enjoyed.

This steep walk usually takes around forty minutes, but the prize certainly is worth the effort. The small white-washed houses make it look great from the outside, providing an awesome view at night, when its lights are on. In addition, Chora has several windmills, especially near its entrance. Some of them have been restored into very original houses. Regarding the tourist development in the area, Chora is characterised by its awesome landscapes and cultural vibe than for its infrastructure, which can be mainly found in Livadi, the harbour of Serifos.

The places that reflect the essence of Chora are the churches of Agios Konstantinos, Agios Athanasios with a nice square in front, Agios Eleftherios, and the church of the Christ. There are also some interesting ruins of a Venetian castle, as well as an archaeological museum, and a folklore museum, among others. This last one, counts on native costumes, domestic utensils, and porcelain adorns, as well as a large collection of the island’s minerals.

In addition, it has an open theatre available for cultural events. Regarding the Archaeological Museum, it has items belonging to the Mycenaeans, one of the first civilisations that inhabited Serifos, some pieces of sculptures and pottery works that have been unearthed at the 15th century Venetian Fortress known as Kastro, as well as items of the Roman domination. The structure of Chora has been respected along the centuries. For example, when it comes to transport, there are no vehicular roads built and people are actually transported on donkeys.