Kalo Ampeli Beach
One of the most wonderfull places to visit during your vacations. Kalo Ambeli is one of the quietest southern beaches on Serifos. It is on a 45km long coastline, consisting of four bays. One of them is Kalo Ambeli, while the others are Koutalas, Malliadiko, and Dyo Gialoudia. Kalo Ambeli, along with Koutalas, has small beaches on the shore covering a small percentage of the total terrain size. The beach of Kalo Ambeli has flat sand and pebble areas, while the bay offers amazing panoramic views of the island.

The fact of being so quiet is due, not only to its size, but also to its location. The first part of the travel to Kalo Ambeli beach from the port of Livadi can be covered by car, although the road is a little wild and unspoiled. However, the final distance must be covered on foot. This detail about access guarantees total privacy and solitude. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of reaching this beach by boat.

Another reason you shoukd reach Kalo Ambeli on foot is the fact that you will pass Ramos, one of the most picturesque villages of Serifos. From there you will continue walking in the footpath over the hill which will take you about an hour or so. You have every reason to make this interesting route if you love nature and enjoy walking. In conclusion, Kalo Ambeli is a beautiful secluded beach ideal for those who want to relax and escape the noisy crowds.