Faros at Spathi, the lighthouse that adorns the south side of Serifos was built in 1901. It is automatic, with luminosity of 18 nautical miles. It’s a beautiful stony building, on the steep rocks of cape Spathi, 65 meters above sea level. The tower is reminiscent of another era. The stone around the windows and on the corners of the walls make it one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the Cyclades. Its balcony overlooks the blue sea of Aegean, and the view is spectacular all day long, more so on the sunset. The old cobblestone path that starts from the lighthouse leads to the sea and that is where the Lighthouse Keepers of old would arrive by boat and go uphill.

The lighthouse is upkept by the Greek Navy. On the International Lighthouse Day (August 19th) it’s usually open to the public and one can be informed about the contribution of the Lighthouses to the safety of Navigation, the use of the Lighthouse network as a cultural heritage as well as the contribution of the Lighthouse Keepers in the operation of this network.

To get there, follow the path from Livadi towards the southern beaches; just before the end of the road, turn left to the road towards the dump (follow the sign) and then turn left again in 1.7 km. Should use an SUV 4×4 or an ATV vehicle to visit this place, and be extra careful, as the last one kilometer is in a bad state.